Design Bedroom in Classic Style

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Вид Спальные Гарнитуры
Происхождение Италия
Стиль Traditional - Design / Classique - Design
Тип основных материалов Solid Wood - MDF / Bois Massif - MDF
Основные материалы Solid Wood - MDF / Bois Massif - MDF


Объем 1.0 - 100.0 штук Одноразово
Размеры Bed & Wardrobe available in different sizes. For further details, please don't hesitate to contact us !
Полировка Lacquered / Laqué
Цвет Ivory / Ivoire
Сертификация 100% Made in Italy
Описание RAFFAELLO is the new classic Collection characterized by
the elegant surrounding frames and by innovative technical
and decorative details. The flat full gloss lacquer surfaces are enhanced by the “mother of pearl” effect while a variation of golden tones light up the frame decoration.
The beautiful 24 carats gold plated handles have been processed with a diamond toll to create the mill reflecting effect.
The button back bed headboard is also available in order to offer elegance and comfort at the same time.
We aim to take care of every single detail such as the useful sliding mirrored shelf.
An important picture needs to be suitably framed.
The amazing RAFFAELLO frame with a variation of golden tones emphasizes the full gloss polyester lacquer with pearl effect and silk screening designs.
Arredoclassic uses “Made in Italy” certification to guarantee the authenticity of its products quality, style, image, reputation and prestige. “Made in Italy” certification is awarded to companies by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers after a series of thorough checks on the entire production cycle, which must take place entirely within Italy. A traceability system using holographic markings with consecutive numbers also prevents counterfeiting and guarantees the customer that the product is genuinely Italian-made.

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Инкотермы EXW - франко завод Страна Италия
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