Бук Дрова/Расколотые Дрова Босния и Герцеговина

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Основной тип Расколотые Дрова - Не Расколотые
Вид Дрова/Расколотые Дрова


Объем 1 - 30 грузовик (ов) ежемесячно
Группа пород древесины Европейские лиственные
Породы Бук
Описание Load 28 pallets firewood (firewood) chamber dried.
In transport crates 0.8m x1.15m x1.9m (RF <25%) Net content 1.7RM = 2Ster

Also available is fresh beech firewood
In transport crates 1m x1m x1,80m
Cargo: 25-26 pallets of fresh beech firewood

Forest-fresh firewood we offer no longer since the transport costs (charge now about 20 boxes) equalize the cost advantage, also we often have mold problems during transport.

The following lengths can be ordered, 25cm, 33cm and 50cm, or according to customer requirements.
The wood is stacked by hand in sturdy wooden boxes. We would like to offer you cheap and very high quality firewood.

Also available are briquettes, peletts, firewood and kindling in wooden boxes and other types of wood such as beech, hornbeam, oak; Acacia or different hardwoods mixed.

For more than 7 years we have been working in the field of firewood and are a reliable supplier. Terms of delivery: DDU (duty paid free delivery)

Payment conditions: Without prepayment, payment and settlement via our German partner company

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